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Bio:  Christa O'Leary, MA, MFT is CEO & founder of Home in Harmony Lifestyle. She is an Interior Designer, Marriage & Family Therapist and Green Living Expert. She combines these things to help clients create Inspired Living. The Home in Harmony Lifestyle focuses on designing and Inspired Home, Healthy Body, Calm Mind & connecting you to your Inner Light.

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 The holiday season is in full swing! Whether you celebrate Christmas or one of the many fabulous holidays that fall during this time of year, it would be difficult not to notice the change of energy and pace that people move at during the month of December. Some enjoy the accelerated swiftness the season brings, while others cringe at the chaotic cadence. Either way, it is my goal to provide easy & quick tips to give you home harmony and joyful living to help make the coming weeks flow smoothly. In this issue, we will focus on simple, quick & easy solutions to spiff up your holiday décor.

Our home environments can help create calm in the midst of chaos, or they exacerbate and overwhelm. Looking around your home with delight produces the happy hormones in your body to release and fill you with joy. Being organized can help lower cortisol, the stress hormone that produces the physical responses associated with stress, anxiety and agitation. Let’s look at three easy ways to bring organization and joy-filled beauty to your home for the holidays.

Glass Container:

I love using glass jars, candleholders and canisters to decorate. The great thing about using these for decor is, they are so versatile. You can fill them with acorns or pinecones for a natural look or you can opt for sparkling garlands of tinsel or glistening red Christmas bulbs for a glamorous effect. If you need an inexpensive holiday solution, fill the glass jars with fresh cranberries or red & green apples. They can be placed on the mantle, countertop or on the table for a fabulous tablescape. For our annual holiday party that includes guests, young & old, I multi-purpose the glass containers by placing candy canes in and around the rim. They initially add to the holiday mood and décor, but later become the perfect holder for candy canes that eventually get passed out to young guests as they leave the festivities.


Pictures of years past are another fabulous way to add to the nostalgia of the season. Find a favourite frame and store pictures from previous holidays behind the one being viewed. For example, you might have pictures of past summers, fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and the family ski trip. Keep those pictures in the same frame and as the season or holidays change, rotate the picture that is viewed to match the season.

Holiday Tree:

Easy breezy & inexpensive way to change up the same old holiday tree... new ribbon! Before you select that perfect ribbon, decide what colours will suit your needs this holiday season. As I mentioned in a recent Home in Harmony segment on CBS, if you are feeling a little more stress than usual you might want to stay away from the colour red because it can have a physiological impact on the body and mind by increasing stress levels.

I hope these quick decorating tips help you create a home environment that uplifts your spirit and helps you move with effortless grace throughout this season of light.

Connect with us at / to learn more ways to bring harmony to your holidays.

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Posted on December 17, 2015 in My Elegant Home by Christa O`Leary

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