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Monique Bourgeois view profile
Mississauga, Canada
Bio: Searching for just the right words to take your busines to the next level? Look no further! All your writing needs are just a few clicks away at or
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Dubai’s Dazzling Guinness World Record Fireworks Display!

 [Image Credit:]


There are some things that just go together - peas and carrots, milk and cookies and, of course, New Years and fireworks! This year (or ever really) no other place took the spectacle of fireworks to heart more than Dubai. With the one and only The Palm Jumeirah, the Islands of The World and the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, as a backdrop, the night sky was lit up with over 700,000 glittering bursts earning themselves the Guinness World Record for “The Largest Fireworks Display”!


Dubai not only earned the title, they ran away with it! While the whole performance lasted over 6 minutes, only 1 was needed to steal the record from former holder Kuwait. Renowned pyrotechnics company Fireworks by Grucci put in over 5000 days worth of man hours and 100 computers to coordinate the event. Pulling the whole thing together, original music was composed and recorded by an 81-piece orchestra.

Grucci CEO and President Phil Grucci said, “This feat was both a great honour and a challenge for us. All we needed was a visionary to share our ambition to break new ground. In the case of Dubai, the vision is without limit.”

Spectators were dazzled with beautiful images of a sunrise, the United Arab Emirates flag, a Hymenocallis desert flower using the Burj Khalifa as the stem and even a falcon made of fireworks flying over the 94 km coastline light up with a countdown to the New Year. It was a celebration of celebrations that left the audience saying nothing but, “Oooo! Aaahhh!”


Posted on January 16, 2014 in Newsroom by Monique Bourgeois

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