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Toronto, Canada
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by Shreya Ghosh

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Winter Hairstyles, Hat-Friendly and Fun!

With the onset of winter, the city is not only adorned by Christmas lightings but also the wilder fashion on the streets. The long coats and high boots are best complimented with dark lipsticks, not forgetting to throw a fedora.

Yes, the season of beanies and hats is back! These head gears, if worn appropriately will surely bring you to the limelight of any party. You can have some unique hats and expensive beanies, but if you go wrong in your hairstyle, it could be challenging for you to carry off the look that you are trying to sport. Here are some gorgeous yet simple hairstyles for hats that will compliment your winter fashion.

1. The most ravishing and yet effortless is to keep your hair lose and let it fall down your shoulders. Brush the hair well to avoid any tangles. Make sure to straighten your layers especially those that fall near your chin. Throw a hat and walk out of your house and sport a smart and confident look.  You may open your hat anytime without the fear of a messy mane.

2. Lose wave is another hairstyle that adds to the oomph factor to your look. If you are blessed with that full-bodied long hair, try this girl! Spray some heat protector and bring out your curling iron for some big and lose waves. Run your fingers along them for a casual and natural look. Pop on that hat and you are good to go. Again, you can open the hat whenever you want to show your beautiful cascade.

3. Braid is still loved by us as much as it was loved by our age-old divas. Fashion always comes back. A simple plait or a fishtail braid worn differently can be an enhancer to your style. One-side fishtail braid with another side clipped tightly to avoid the mess can look clean and elegant. If fishtail braid looks a little complicated to you, try a simple braid with coloured extension or some vibrant colour wools from your old sweater, to add to the zinc in your style. Make sure to clip different wools in each section of your hair so that each one has a different colour. Coordinate the colours with your hat, wear a simple one-colour dark dress, and you are ready for a head-turning look.

4. Iron curler can be a saviour at times. If you are hurrying to get ready and experiencing a bad hair day, just tie your hair in a low ponytail, leaving out the front strands of your hair. Quickly spray over some heat protector over your loose front strands and make some tight curls. You can try the same style with a low bun instead of a ponytail. Throw a fedora on, and I am sure you are grinning on the end result of your bad hair day. It was definitely not so dreadful.

5. Now, save some time for this look, as multi braids will definitely take up a major chunk from your schedule. Make at least ten sections in your hair and make some tight plaits. If you want, spray some light glitters over your them to look edgy. And if you have bangs, nothing can be more dramatic. Wear a floppy hat with this look. 

For short hair, just keep your hair style simple, but play around with your head gear. Some beanies and caps look edgy and chic with your hair length. If you want to wear a hat, just clip up all your hair from your face backward and sport an elegant look, but don't forget to smear your lips with some cherry or plum colour.

Long or short, straight or curly, you can wear your hat in any hair length. Just style it differently, and get ready to enjoy some compliments.

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Posted on December 4, 2014 in Hair Affair by Shreya Ghosh

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