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3 Essential Tips to Spring into Love

Spring is finally here! We are that trading blistering cold for a cool breeze, chicken noodle soup for zesty ceviche, but more importantly, winter flu with Spring fever! There’s something about spring that wakes you up inside, rejuvenates your spirit and makes you feel riskier and friskier than usual. It’s the perfect time to Spring into Love.  

Here are 3 essential tips to get you going:

1. Spruce It Up and Get Saucy

If you’re going to spring into love, a great place to start is with a little bit of personal spring cleaning. When is the last time you emptied out your purse, cleaned out your closet, tidied up your drawers at home or at the office? It’s time to put away the thick, bulky, layered look and take out your spring heels and feminine frocks. Grab yourself a new vibrant lipstick, head to your favourite spa, a beauty blow bar, tanning salon and show off some skin. The longer days of sunshine and fresh air invigorate the body. Make use of that extra energy and enroll yourself into a new activity where you create the opportunity to meet someone special. Dancing lessons, cooking classes or a co-ed boot camp are some great choices.

You also need to take some time to clear your mind of all the worries, obligations, expectations and that little voice in your head you can’t seem to get quiet with all the demands of your time. Remove and take control of the clutter in your life; this is anything or anyone (physical/emotional/mental) that creates stress, distraction and negativity in your life. When you deal with that clutter, you create a space to breathe, relax, enjoy and appreciate. Creating a safe and comfortable environment at home (or work) allows you to function and feel your best. Fresh cut flowers do wonders to any space you’re in. Lighting scented candles or burning some sensual aromatic oils will help to calm you down, or get you (and your partner) into the perfect mood. I highly recommend you allow yourself at least 30 - 45 minutes a day of YOU time. Take up meditation, read your favourite or latest self-help book, practice yoga, stretch, do something with yourself and by yourself with the intention of completely “chilling out” and clearing your mind. 

2. Freshen Up Your Look Online and Offline

In business, branding does matter. It’s everything to most businesses, and thousands of dollars are spent on making sure the brand leaves the right impression and impact. The same is true in your love life: personal branding matters. Embrace your femininity and show off your independence, confidence and your sexiness. You may be a “ball-busting business woman” at the office, but to your man, you are his Queen. The way you present yourself has a profound impact on your career and personal life. Services such as Designer Swap understand first hand the importance of personal styling and keeping your wardrobe (and closet) up-to-date! You can learn to transition from day to night and keep your femininity while at work. As many new romantic relationships begin online, it’s also important to manage your image on the internet. Your body language, how you dress and how you show up on the web create an impression that will turn on or turn off potential life mates. Working with a dating coach and personal stylist will help you create your unique sense of style (online and offline) and update your look to compliment your body type. They will work with the clothes you have and also help you shop for some fresh new pieces to create your own unique sense of style. When you look good, you feel good! Everyday you meet new people, you are instantly judged by your image. Why not put your best LOOK forward? 

3. Let Go and Let Loose!

Sexiness is a feeling, and not always a look. There’s nothing sexier to a man than a confident woman in her own skin, free of judgment and insecurity. We are all human and we can let go of our past and let loose with the freedom to express and to love yourself. It’s always easier said than done when it comes to letting go of your past. You may have developed a negative approach and attitude to relationships. If you’ve been frustrated with the dating process and your relationships, it’s easy to fall back rather than spring forward, where it comes to meeting someone. Ask yourself what your story about love is and how it should happen. Are you carrying a lot of hurt, resentment, judgment and expectation from your past that you are dragging with you into your present and future? What you think about most often ends up manifesting itself in real life. It takes practice, purpose, true intention and action to think positively about relationships.

You can create opportunities and possibilities through your positive thoughts about relationships followed up by massive action. If you’re sitting on the bench of Love, you certainly can’t WIN at the game. Spring into Love by getting on the field and trying new activities, going to new places and stepping outside of your social comfort zone. The great news is, you’re not alone, and you can get the help you need by working with a coach or matchmaker. Trial and error never hurt anyone either. The point is, get yourself out there. 

Carmelia Ray, CMO of Instant Chemistry, is an online dating, certified dating coach and matchmaking expert. She is the author of Finding the One and has interviewed over 60,000 singles about dating and relationships in her 23 year career. Reach out to Carmelia at

[Image Credit: Elzbieta Mozyro]

Posted on March 13, 2016 in Love Life by Carmelia Ray

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