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Laura Sanders view profile
Toronto , Canada
Bio: Recently graduated from academia, I'm now searching and exploring all the facets of the literary forum to which I can someday contribute- and enjoying myself along the way. 

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by Laura Sanders

Reinventing Shoes This Spring

This season is really all about having fun with your style! You can find almost anything you can dream of as part of the many beautiful 2016 Spring/Summer collections.

Making Spring Your Season

This might seem a bit obvious, but spring is the literal addition of light to our days!

Matte-ify That Pout

The definition of “matte” literally means without shine, but there is no way a properly done matte lip can be considered lackluster (see what I did there?). Now, it’s been pointed out to me recently that I’ve only ever done a more matte finish. Never one to have a shiny pout or to layer on that gloss, I’ve always just stuck with tints and stains.

Warm, Bold and Sensual Scents to Every Liking

Every season, it seems, a new fragrance line or designer scent is unveiled. As there are already enough fragrances available that a woman would be able to wear a new fragrance everyday, this poses a problem for those who are drawn to these intoxicating scents. How do you find the right one that suits you just perfect?

Sultry, warm, and  bold: oriental and floral scent profiles have respectfully dominated the best selling and highest rating categories. The woody and warm base notes - often sandalwood or vanilla a- combined with floral and/or fruity top and heart notes create a mesmerizing, sensual effect for any woman.

Here are some different sensual scents and tips on wearing them to match your personality and your surroundings:  


Coco Mademoiselle Chanel

Fresh and feminine, yet bold and sensual, Chanel creates a memorable scent that’s determined to become as timeless as their No.5. Coco Mademoiselle is one fragrance that has the potential to react recognizably different on individual bodies, so be sure to sample it before purchasing.


Emporio Armani She Giorgio Armani

This is definitely one of those scents that people will remember you for. Delicate florals with an accent of almond, warmed with vanilla and cedar wood create a tender, sensual perfume that will keep you on their minds. Be wary to not over-saturate, as the delicate florals can get lost in the vanilla and cedar wood.  


Burberry Classics for Women Burberry

Often left unnoticed in lieu of Burberry’s more popular scents, this classic scent is sensual and warm with fruity top notes, richer and more earthy heart notes that’s smoothed with musk and vanilla to create a beautiful, well-rounded scent. Best when used as a subtle scent on the skin  and best appreciated from up close.


Nirvana Black  Elizabeth and James

The ever-present warm vanilla and sandalwood notes are brought together with notes of violet in a unique, sensual scent that creates a beautiful balance between masculine and feminine. While this scent carries well on different bodies, the violent notes are not for everyone’s senses so this is not a perfume for those who like to be cloaked in scent.  


Peony and Blush Suede  Jo Malone

Blooming peonies, juicy apples, opulent jasmine and rose are balanced with warm, sensual blush suede to create a feminine, floral musk. The greatest trait of Jo Malone fragrances is how they are made to be combined with other scents, and Peony and Blush Suede has a forever place on my vanity as it will work with your moisturizer, body wash, or anything else you wear that has a scent.  


Sesame Body Oil Neutrogena

The most subtle way to add a sensual, warm scent is to moisturize with this delicate body oil after a shower or bath. The light, sesame formula is shockingly inexpensive and is appropriate for even the least forgiving environments. Ideal for small offices or warm occasions, where any scent you wear can easily become overpowering.

These hindrances in finding a sophisticated yet sensual scent can be very frustrating, but achieving a scent that is flattering to your chemistry and still sensual and a pleasurable experience to those around you is totally worth it.

[Image Credit: Jitka Krause]


Posted on July 2, 2015 in Perfume Stories by Laura Sanders

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