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Toronto, Canada
Bio: Sally has a background in marketing and digital communications. She uses blogging as a creative way to educate and speak to the online community. She has a passion for writing and dancing to the beats of the world.

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Accent Walls: Accessorize Your Home

 Big or small, a statement or accent piece can enhance any object and create a story.  Examples can include the cake topper on a wedding cake, a fashion statement necklace, or writing the hook to a song. However, an uprising and popular trend that is catching everyone’s attention are accent walls. An accent walls, sometimes known as a feature wall, stands out within an interior room design. Looking at four white walls can get a bit boring, so why not spice them up?


Accent walls bring together an entire room or living space by adding dimension, colour, a decorative appeal, a story, or a combination of all. They can be used to define a separate area of your home or space, especially if you live within an open concept home. Accent walls highlight and bring attention to any focal point either near or on a wall. This would be great if you want the main focal point of your living space to be a painting, picture, or your favourite piece of antique furniture. Accent walls work great as a back drop, way to visually change the proportions of a room, and break the traditional look of having all your walls painted the same colour.

Types of Accent Walls

There are so many different types of accent walls that one can decide to have in their home. You can pick whichever one best define your personality or the feel you want to create with your living space. Listed are just a few types, but feel free to create your own customized accent wall!

Different Colour Wall

Having all your walls the same colour except one is an easy and inexpensive way to create an accent wall. You simply just paint a single wall a different colour to either compliment or contrast the other walls. Many homeowners paint a dark accent wall in a light room to create warmth and personality. They are perfect for highlighting a focal point such as your fireplace. If you’re not sure what colour to paint it, you can always refer to the colour wheel to see what will best compliment your existing wall colours.

Visual Displays

If just having a different colour wall isn’t enough for you, you can decorate the wall with visual displays such as paintings or photos. You can frame some of your favourite photos, posters, and/or paintings and decorate your accent wall with them. Many young professionals or students turn their accent walls into a motivational and positive space by adding framed quotations and decorative visuals. For those who are wanderlust, try adding a map of the world.


Not only are mirrors a great way to check your makeup or take an outfit-of-the-day picture, they are great to add to an accent wall. You can have one large mirror or multiple smaller ones to create a focal point on your wall.  Mirrors can also make your space look larger and more open, so it’s great for those living in a bachelor pad or small apartment. You can have fun with your accent wall and customize it however you like it.


Another easy way to create an accent wall is by covering your wall with wallpaper. There is such a wide selection of wallpaper to choose from and they are simple to apply. Popular wallpaper selections include modern geometric shapes, floral, metallic, stripes, polka dots, colour blocking, and many more! They are great for defining your living space and creating a story. It will look as if you put in a lot of work when you really didn’t! You also don’t have to worry about long-term commitment with your wallpaper, because you can remove them easily and paint over whenever you like.


Tile Wall

Want to take it to the next level and add dimension? Forget the traditional flat walls! You can tile your entire wall with stone, wood, or any kind of material you want. Stonewalls create a luxurious, glamorous feel whereas wooden walls can create a warm, cabin-like feel. A limestone mosaic wall is very modern and will brighten up your living space. Top it off with a glimmering chandelier and you have your dream home!



If you want to get creative, you can create your own accent wall by painting a mural. You can paint the wall with whatever visual as you pleased. Don’t worry if you’re not as creative as you wish because you can buy wall stickers to stick on the walls! Stumped? Don’t worry! A great way to get inspiration on how to create your accent way is by exploring the web, social media sites, magazines, and television! Now that they are so popular, we have access to information and photos of what others are doing. You can create your own celebrity home with just an accent wall to accessorize!

[Image Credit: jandlprojects;, delicious décor,, public domain]

Posted on September 10, 2015 in My Elegant Home by Sally Pau

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