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Lioness Woman's Club - Successful Business Women Network
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Toronto, Canada
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Jungle Cat World

Thank you to all who came to our VIP event on June 1, 2016 at the ultra-chic Thompson Hotel in support of the Endangered Species Fund of Canada. The funds raised will go to build a new habitat for two beautiful Lioness cubs Samira and Malaika!

Covenant House Toronto

On December 1, over 150 Lioness members and guests came together to celebrate Lioness’ 5th anniversary.That night we also fundraised to benefit the [free-them] organization, doing incredible work to combat slavery.

Lioness Book Club: Summer/Fall 2015

 It’s that time of the year again – we share some of the books that have captured our hearts and minds. A couple of how-to’s for the ladies, to ace any love life dilemma or image makeover challenge. A success guide to get you going and help you move on to the next step of whatever you may be undertaking at the moment. And, of course, a few bestsellers that will inspire your soul and stir your mind. Top up your book list and have a great read!

Barbara Sher  I Could Do Anything If Only I Knew What It Was

This is a follow-up to Sher’s previous bestseller Wishcraft. The author offers practical advices and exercises on how to beat your self-criticism, overcome negativity, leave the beaten path, trust your wishes, start believing in your long-abandoned goals, define your talents, find enthusiasm and, finally, discover your own path in life.

Jamie Cat Callan French Women Don’t Sleep Alone

French women believe that their talent for attracting men has nothing to do with beauty, career, or motivation. How do you flirt à la française? How do you create a stylish image with a single wardrobe item? What makes French women so alluring? What is the ultimate key to a successful relationship that only French women know? This book tells all the secrets of incredible charm of the sexiest women in the world.

Camilla Morton How To Walk In High Heels

This is an incredible book that deserves to be your pocket guide. You will learn to be elegant even if your arm is in the cast, become an English art aficionado, master eating with chopsticks, ace the art of getting out of the car in a short skirt, discover how to emphasize the right things, how to wear a V-neck sweater to the max, and, of course, how to walk in high heels.

Anthony Doerr  All the Light We Cannot See

An instant bestseller by the recipient of many prestigious literary prizes, Anthony Doerr. The book tells the story of two people who are moving towards each other without knowing it. She is a blind French girl. He is a shy German boy. They both are trying to survive, each in their own manner, in the midst of the roaring war, trying to keep their human face – and their family. This book is about love and about death, about what the war does to people, about the light we cannot see that can pull us through the most desperate darkness.

David Mitchell Cloud Atlas

Considered one of the best books of our time, it features six overlapping storylines. The notary public of the mid-19th century returning to the US from Australia; young composer selling his body and soul in Europe in-between the two world wars; a Californian journalist of the 1970s, uncovering a corporate plot; a contemporary small publisher running away from the creditors; a slave clone from a fast-food chain in neo-capitalist Korea; and a Hawaiian goatboy at the end of civilization. Considered one of the best books of our time.

Ian McEwan On Chesil Island

This is a short, piercing story about a newly-wed couple and their drama as a result of innuendo, the unwillingness to turn to each other and be heard, the absence of inner freedom. The strange problem they encounter is so easy to resolve with one simple conversation between the two loving people… But – the question is – are they really loving each other?

Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt  Three Women in a Mirror

The new novel by the famous French writer and playwright, the author of the bestselling M. Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran, Oscar and the Lady in Pink, Noah’s Child, and others. The plot intertwines three epochs and three lives: Bruges of the 17th century, Vienna in early 20th century, and Los Angeles nowadays. The main characters – Anna, Hanna and Anny – are wonderful and beautiful women; each one of them has her own calling that may cost her her life. It is a novel about the eternal feminine; a book that may be philosophical, fantastical, psychological and historical all at the same time.

[Image Credit: public domain]

Posted on October 1, 2015 in Reading Retreat by Lioness Woman`s Club

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