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Laura Sanders view profile
Toronto , Canada
Bio: Recently graduated from academia, I'm now searching and exploring all the facets of the literary forum to which I can someday contribute- and enjoying myself along the way. 

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by Laura Sanders

Reinventing Shoes This Spring

This season is really all about having fun with your style! You can find almost anything you can dream of as part of the many beautiful 2016 Spring/Summer collections.

Making Spring Your Season

This might seem a bit obvious, but spring is the literal addition of light to our days!

Matte-ify That Pout

The definition of “matte” literally means without shine, but there is no way a properly done matte lip can be considered lackluster (see what I did there?). Now, it’s been pointed out to me recently that I’ve only ever done a more matte finish. Never one to have a shiny pout or to layer on that gloss, I’ve always just stuck with tints and stains.

The Colourful Medley of Pearls

 There are two women who are responsible for making me love pearls: Tiffany and Elsa. That is, jewellery designer Elsa Peretti, and the perfectly breathtaking Tiffany & Co., where one has to visit (such a chore, I know) to view such amazing pieces from the designer. From classic to chic, pearls are as versatile as they come. Of course, “they” meaning super-expensive jewelry that you probably got as an heirloom. Honourable mention in the versatility of pearl jewellery goes to the setting and design of the pieces themselves. Such recent collections from Birks Rock and Pearl collection bring a younger, modern edge to the otherwise soft beauty of pearls, and other designers adding gems and metals to distinguish their pieces.

But let’s take a turn to explore the beautiful array of colours that pearls can come as. Pearls from different waters all over the globe are no less precious than the typical pearly-white. South Sea gold, freshwater peaches and lavenders, or the naturally darker Tahitian pearls, and all stunningly appropriate for the fashionably aware. Granted you can get the whole rainbow on a pearl if you find a manufacturer that uses dye to create the colour or isn’t using genuine pearls, but for the sake of my conscience, faux-dyed pearls do not exist in this article.

Now, how best to go about wearing the oyster’s gift to the world: a study of hexagonal aragonite crystals of calcium carbonate (aka. Pearls):

South Sea Golden Pearls

As the colour is so rich and worn best with gold accoutrements or hardware, it’s stunningly appropriate to keep this pearl as a pendant or stud as opposed to wearing them as a string, which can be overpowering and lose some of the luster of this spectacular gem.

Pink Pearls

I dare you to look at Elsa Peretti’s Pearl by the Yard bracelets or necklaces in pink pearl and NOT fall madly, helplessly in love. They are that perfect, that beautiful, and that amazing. Don one of these fresh-looking yet subtly coloured pearls on a silver chain or with white or yellow gold hardware (seriously, they work with any metal) and consider yourself a head-turner. The pinks range from peach to rose, providing us with so many tempting options that work for both casual and formal wear.

Tahitian Pearls

These pearls are your naturally occurring darker coloured pearls, where you’ll find the blue/black, grey, silver, greens, and darker purples. Rule of thumb with these darker beauties is to not over darken your look. Do not wear on top of a dark blouse, sweater, or dress, but rather against the skin or lighter fabric.

You can never go wrong when you use pearls to contrast a simple and chic outfit, or use a different colour to liven it up. Pearls are meant to be seen, meant to be cherished for generations. Don’t bury them in a busy outfit. Contrast, explore, try something new, cherish something old. Just remember that pearls may be a classic, but that’s a far cry from boring.

[Image Credit:, chrystalsandpearls,]

Posted on December 17, 2015 in My Jewelry Glam by Laura Sanders

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