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Toronto , Canada
Bio: Recently graduated from academia, I'm now searching and exploring all the facets of the literary forum to which I can someday contribute- and enjoying myself along the way. 

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 The definition of “matte” literally means without shine, but there is no way a properly done matte lip can be considered lackluster (see what I did there?). Now, it’s been pointed out to me recently that I’ve only ever done a more matte finish. Never one to have a shiny pout or to layer on that gloss, I’ve always just stuck with tints and stains. I’d like to argue that it’s because I have long hair and am pretty fidgety all day every day, so I would avoid anything that could get my hair stuck to my lips. But the reality of it is that I’ve always been enamored with the soft beauty of matte colour.  Not having the constant need to pull my hair out of my lip-gloss was just an added benefit.

As I became more adventurous and confident in my style-sense, I began exploring bolder, more opaque colours for my lips, eventually falling in love with my tied-for-first-place favourite lipstick, Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet no. 50 La Romanesque. Seriously, I’m wearing it right now as I write this, and probably will be again when you’re reading this. This romantic magenta/pink with tones of purple is so gorgeous, they (the geniuses behind Chanel) sold out and thankfully changed it from a limited edition Spring 2015 colour to part of their permanent Rouge Allure Velvet collection, or at least this is what the nice young woman at the Chanel beauty counter told me when I mentioned it was my favourite but heard it was sold out…I may have been teary-eyed.

Typically, designers and brands will have similar colours for both matte and gloss lipsticks, meaning you can just purchase either (let’s get real, both) instead of using an additional top layer to gloss or matte the lip. It is no, like paint, however, where you can simply pick a colour and get it in either finish. There are differences in these colours, and you may just find that some lipsticks or lip-glosses do not work as well with a matte finish. I strongly encourage you to explore the matte collections, and I seriously doubt you’ll be left wanting. Here’s the quick list of my favourite matte lipsticks that I can honestly say I’ve written from memory:

Favourite Red Orange: MAC Lipstick in “So Chaud”

Favourite Plum: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in “Glastonberry”

Favourite Blush/Light Pink: Burberry Lip Velvet in “Soft Rose Pink”

Favourite Bold Red: Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in “Dragon Girl”

Favourite Bright Pink: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in “La Fascinate”  OR     Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Crème in “Moscato”

Despite my blatant favouritism for the matte and velvet lipstick lines that most designers create, there are other methods out there to make any lipstick into a matte finish, some of which are definitely worth exploring.

Firstly, I do advise against the “blush-of-the-same-colour” method, where you take a powder blush that is close to matching as you can get for whichever lipstick, and pat it over the lip to dull the shine but keep the colour. It does work, I’ll grant you, but think of all the variables here: you’re not going to have these matching blushes in your make-up bag (or full vanity if you have as much a problem as I do) already, it is an added expense just for this one purpose, and blush does not taste good.

If you do have a blush colour that matches your lipstick, use your finger to pat the powder over your coloured lips, and if you like the effect, go for it. Just don’t choose this as your first option, since there are more that work just as well or better, and without the added cost.

It should also be noted that you shouldn’t wear matching blush and lipstick at the same time…

Due to the recent trend of matte lips, companies have come out with a top-layer product that creates the matte effect over any lip. It is a product designed specifically for lips and works incredibly well. I use Smashbox Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer for my glossy and shine lipsticks that don’t come in the matte collections. NYX Cosmetics has a similar product, and despite my grudge against Smashbox for discontinuing their Champagne Eye Shadow, I prefer the Insta-Matte and find it to be superior in achieving the desired matte effect.

There is another option for achieving a matte-lip – using your translucent setting powder over your lips to dull the shine and create the softer, matte finish. First of all, you should be using a translucent setting powder over your make-up and, thus, have one already. Secondly, it is a personal preference for the manner, in which you apply the powder over you lip colour: patting with your middle finger, soft brush strokes, over a tissue to minimize contact, etc. There are seemingly infinite tutorials available that demonstrate these various options, but the gist of it is that the light application of translucent powder over any lip colour will create a more matte effect. 

Honestly though, as long as you consider you skin tone and overall colouring, you can rock any colour you usually wear, but with a matte finish. The matte finish may just be a way to create a softer, yet still bold, colour for your lips. Yet, it has the power to transform your whole look into something almost ethereal. And without getting your hair stuck to your lips.

Other matte collections worth checking out:

Laura Mercier, Velour Lovers Lip Colour

Bobbi Brown, Creamy Matte Lip Colour

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Liquid Lipstick

Revlon, Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour

[Image Credit: public domain,,,]


Posted on February 12, 2016 in Make-up Buzz by Laura Sanders

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