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Lioness Woman's Club - Successful Business Women Network
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Lioness Woman’s Club


Lioness Woman's Club seeks to create a space where women can celebrate their own Lioness spirit

We aim to achieve a meaningful, fulfilling existence that goes beyond the financial stability and professional success.  At Lioness, we embrace our independence, elegance, wisdom, and reciprocity. Together, we strive to expand our minds, to mentor, and encourage each other, to  share and indulge in art and beauty.


Who We Are:

Lioness Woman's Club is an online and offline, local and international community of like-minded women who identify with the spirit of a Lioness. The Lioness community is positive, proactive, and participatory. Sharing interests and endorsing each other's successes is our core practice.. The Lioness motto is "We Are As Strong As Our Alliance".

What We Do:

Lioness Woman's Club engages its membership in the following:

Social Club: Lioness acts as a live and online hub for like-minded women to meet, make friends and exchange expertise. We inspire each other through unique content on our website, social media, and fostering personal connections during Lioness events;

Quarterly Magazine: Lioness publishes a regular online and print magazine - "Luxuries by Lioness", featuring  art, interviews with female leaders and an exquisite collection of articles by our staff writers and expert bloggers;

Business Directory: Lioness maintains an online business directory with various advertising options to encourage mutual promotion among our membership.


Why Lioness

The reason for the name of the Club  is best described in the background story, written by Jenny Katkova-Brown, the founder of Lioness:


Finding Lioness

The thought was vague, yet persistent... It would not leave, but rather grew and increasingly frequented the mind.

As I found myself distancing from my 40th  birthday, self-reflection and the longing to ascertain who I am would not let me sleep at night. "Now what?" I was asking myself, and for a long time the answer was elusive... Could there even be a simple answer at all?

They say that we tend to sum up experiences, achievements, and self-accomplishments when reaching anniversaries. I suddenly was urged by an absolute need to formulate who I was and what I wanted for me, now and in the future.

I was seeking for a way to arrive at the fairest answer, and found it by promising myself to be completely honest in own judgments. It bears mentioning that the answers did not keep me waiting long, so great was the thirst for them and the necessity to bring them to the surface.

Finally, self-assessment began to paint my self-portrait: you are a successful professional, having reached the point where the routine at work outweighs the joy of it; you like fine arts and tasteful music, yet often lack the company to converse about it; you strive for wellness and good fitness, yet do not push yourself enough; you work hard to understand the reasoning behind your own and others’ actions, yet often fail in finding it; you want to grow as a woman and a human being, yet do not sufficiently engage in this pursuit.

"How am I perceived by the outer world and how do I perceive myself?" I asked. "How would I like to be perceived by myself and others?"

As it happens, I wandered to nature for my answer; I knew why. In both ancient and modern worlds, in almost all cultures, humans tend to compare themselves to animals. 

There are women who are considered to be foxes and cougars, or graceful as gazelles, and men who act in ways akin to wolves or bears. Even children know that hyenas are cunning and deceiving, and that tigers are the symbol of courage and strength.

I knew there was a character out there that embodied the qualities I aim to achieve as a woman. It was then that she stepped into my imagination – quietly, yet fiercely, with the powerful presence of beauty and elegance, strength and dignity, loyalty and independence, integrity and wisdom. She was a Lioness.

Her lure was irresistible.

She was magnetic.

I was elated.

From that point, I knew I wanted to be the personification of her – a Lioness! Now, I invite you to join me in the journey of pursuing this spirit.

Jenny Katkova-Brown

The Founder

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