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Lioness Woman's Club - Successful Business Women Network
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Lioness Golden Lines
Everything comes true when the decision to be happy becomes a life style.
Blogging Opportunities

Do you enjoy writing? Are you an expert in a particular professional field?
Or, perhaps, you are a style aficionado or an arts connoisseur? 

In such case – you are welcome to Guest blog for Lioness!

Lioness Woman’s Club always welcomes guest bloggers to share their expertise and knowledge with our readers and followers. We LOVE to hear the voices and opinions of our members!

How it works:
You must me a registered Member of Lioness to guest blog with us.

If you would like to contribute an article, please, contact us with your ideas and suggestions, or simply submit your article here.

If you are unsure whether your topic is suitable for Lioness, just drop us a line, and we will be happy to discuss with you the potential topics for your blog posts. The approximate length of your submission should be around 600-800 words. Please, do NOT exceed the allowed word count. Each submission is subject to our editorial review. We may ask you to make some changes if necessary. Please, note, that we accept original submissions only. Please NOTE: We do not remunerate for your articles. However, all your posts will appear under your profile, which will have your name, photo, field of expertise, as well as contact info and your website (if applicable).

You will be featured as our guest blogger in the Lioness Gazette and your article will be promoted through our social media, such as Lioness Facebook Page and Twitter, thus reaching over 20,000 of Lioness members, followers and readers.

After your article is approved, we will notify you of the date when it is scheduled to be published on our website, so that you could promote and share your posts on Lioness with your audience. 

Writing for Lioness is a great way to expose your business and share your expertise with an exclusive audience of elegant and intelligent women.

Make a difference in your business and in other women’s lives by blogging with us! 

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