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Mind and Spirit


Energy Healing - New Demand for an Ancient Therapy

Posted by Syma Kanwal on October 22, 2015
  energy healing - new demand for an ancient therapy  
Energy healing modalities stem from ancient Eastern and Native traditions and include Reiki, Pranic healing, therapeutic touch, shamanic healing and healing touch, among others.

Heal Your Chakras, Harmonize Your Life

Posted by Syma Kanwal on September 17, 2015
  heal your chakras  harmonize your life  
Once you have a basic understanding of the seven main chakras, the next step is to learn how you can heal and balance them to affect positive changes in yourself and your life. While chakra work is an art and science that professional healers spend a lifetime mastering, there are some wonderfully simple ways you can keep all your energy centers healthy.

5 Better Questions to Ask Yourself When You’re Stressed

Posted by Mia Davis on September 3, 2015
  5 better questions to ask yourself when youre stressed  
Stress is inevitable in life. It’s not unavoidable, but you get to choose how it affects you. Learn these five questions. Write them down.

The Monkey Mind: How to Shut Off Negative Mental Chatter

Posted by Mia Davis on July 23, 2015
  the monkey mind how to shut off negative mental chatter  
This constant rotation of fears, to-do-lists, and negative self-talk can have a negative impact on your health & happiness

Walking Meditation: The Art of Mindful Living

Posted by Viviann Napp on June 25, 2015
  walking meditation the art of mindful living  
Where Does Fear Stem From and How Do We Deal With It?

Hail and Rainbows

Posted by SAMANTHA JONES on May 7, 2015
  hail and rainbows  
In life sometimes in the middle of chaos appears a “rainbow”, a “guiding light”, a helping hand. As the old saying goes, when it rains it does indeed pour, but sometimes in the middle of the downpour you learn things, normally life lessons. Sometimes we can get fixated on the hail in our life, but something as simple as a rainbow can make everything better, if even for a brief moment. Join the discussion in the post by our blogger Samantha Jones.

5 Tips for Women’s Health from Dr. Phuntsok Vangmo

Posted by Irene Lewis on April 16, 2015
  5 tips for womens health from dr  phuntsok vangmo  
Dr. Phuntsok Vangmo is the Academic Director of the School of Tibetan Medicine of Shang Shung Institute of America

Aromatherapy for Lust and Love

Posted by Irene Spedaliere on February 11, 2015
  aromatherapy for lust and love  
Essential oils are reputed to enhance sexuality and are used as aphrodisiacs

Yoga and Meditation Are the Real Deal

Posted by Zoe Melnyk on December 24, 2014
  yoga and meditation are the real deal  
Yoga and meditation really can be an excellent way to bring peace to anyone’s mind.

How to Be a Goddess Every Day: 5 Inspiring Ways to Awaken and Enjoy Your Sacred Feminine Gifts

Posted by Syma Kanwal on August 7, 2014
  how to be a goddess every day  5 inspiring ways to awaken and enjoy your sacred feminine gifts  
There is a Goddess within you waiting to emerge.
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